Sunday, July 24, 2016

"I Could Shoot Somebody and I Won't Lose Voters."

Today's New York Times Sunday Review (July 24) consists of 19 articles.  Seven of these (37%) deal with Donald Trump.  With publicity like this, who needs advertising?

The Times, and so many of the media, continue to point out the many inconsistencies and lies he has  perpetrated since the start of his successful campaign to win the Republican nomination.  They continue to remind us of all his insinuations and insults on his way to that nomination - "lyin Ted, low-energy Jeb, little Mario, crooked Hillary," to mention a few.  And his lies - thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheering 9/11, thousands of immigrant Mexican are rapists and murderers.  And his innuendo and outlandish statements - Ted Cruz's father was complicit in the Kennedy assassination, Putin got it right, John McCain's no hero because he was captured ("I like people who weren't captured").  And many more.

We all are all too familiar with these atrocious and inciting Trumpian remarks.

What has all this done for Mr. Trump?  Has it hurt him?  Has it stopped him?  In fact it has elevated him to an exalted position.  He has captured a major political party,  and has captured the loyalty of millions of disgruntled Americans who seem to regard him as almost "messianic."  Incredibly,  he has  gone on to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States!

Trumpism demonstrates the desperation of so many American people today.  Desperation exists - whatever the reason.  It exists whether ill-founded (which it is) or not.  And when such feelings enter one's brain and one's "soul" he/she anxiously searches for a "Trump."  Lies, distorted history, or inaccuracies revealed about a demagogue are ignored, or otherwise rationalized as either not true, unimportant, or marked as an attempt to smear.  Irrationality takes hold.

It is not unlike the philosophy behind theodicy - the acceptance of a god despite clear evidence of horrendous evils.

So media, give it up.  As Trump said:  "I could shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

And the New York Times, as well as many other media outlets, continue to provide this "wonderful father, husband, philanthropic businessman (just listen to his family's platitudes) and human being" the attention he doesn't deserve.

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