Friday, February 27, 2015

Netanyahu Addresses Congress - Really??

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, will be addressing Congress next week in order to "enlighten" it on Iranian nuclear development, and the potential effect on its sharing of future developed nuclear weaponry with Hamas and Hezbollah - terrorist organizations dedicated to the elimination of the State of Israel.  Can there be anyone in Congress who is not aware of these potential threats?  Will Netanyahu really be presenting anything new?  Does he really believe that such an address will alter the foreign policy of the United States, which is primarily initiated and 
executed by the President?

He could easily have addressed his views on Iran to the American Israel Political Action Committee (Aipac) or some other such organization.   He could easily have addressed his views on Iran to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and had it telecast world-wide for all Americans to watch.  Instead, in a manner disrespectful to our President, arranged the unprecedented act of addressing the legislature of the United States without the courtesy of proper notification and discussion with the executive.

Diplomacy requires certain behavior, and like it or not, there are reasons for such behavior if human beings are to relate well to one another.  When one dispenses with diplomacy and cordiality, one is either ignorant of proper behavior or unconcerned with the feelings of others.

His speech will change nothing.  Though the safety and well-being of the State of Israel are always considered in the formation of U.S. foreign policy - they will never, and should never, be the sole determinate of such policy

So, fully aware that his address to the Congress of the United States will have no significant effect whatsoever on American policy towards Iran, why does Netanyahu risk the enmity of its most important ally by such a divisive and clearly undiplomatic (even unfriendly and discourteous) approach?  Politics - Israeli and American!!

Not nice, Bibi!

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