Wednesday, January 3, 2007

What to do in Darfur??

Many are demanding action to stop the ‘genocide’ (I use the term very generically here) in Darfur. Of course the government of Sudan, controlled by a dictator, is opposed to any intervention, and the slaughter continues. The Western World seems to agree that actions in Darfur are a violation of human rights. What should be done if the violence continues without response from the government or the rebels.

Should the U.S. invade Sudan to bring a stop to the slaughter? How many soldiers should be committed to this action. Should this include an attack on Khartoum, the seat of government, if necessary. What if we get bogged down in strange territory with strange battles in a land we do not understand. What if our soldiers are being killed, or captured and beheaded? How many deaths are acceptable to accomplish this task. How long should we stay?

If things really get bad, should be leave before the ‘mission is accomplished?’ Should we commit only a certain number of troops for only a certain period of time, spending only a certain amount of dollars?

Sound familiar?

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